Frequently Asked Questions

What is BlackGirlMagicBox?

BlackGirlMagicBox is a bi-monthly self-care subscription focused on inspiring a healthy happy life for black women. Each box incorporates affirmations and advice for black women by black women. This unique experience helps to create a strong sense of community. Additionally, We select 6-8 wellness products sourced from hard-working Black-owned businesses.  Discover natural, organic, and feel-good products ranging from aromatherapy, clean beauty/skincare, mindful and unique lifestyle goodies. Themes and items change each cycle so it's always a wonderful surprise!

How does it work?

There are 4 plans available for you to choose from all are bi-Monthly, 4 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Subscriptions auto-renew according to your plan at the end of the subscription cycle. You can cancel anytime before your renewal date (7th of the month) to not be renewed. For multiple month subscriptions, you can cancel anytime, however you will still receive the remaining boxes from your prepaid multiple month subscription and then your subscription will end. For example, if you choose a 6-month subscription at checkout and want to cancel after the 4th month- you will still receive your 3rd prepaid box. After your 3rd final box, you will not be rebilled and your subscription will end. You can also purchase one-time gift subscriptions that do not auto-renew! Simply choose the "this is a gift" option at checkout and your gift will automatically expire at the end of the prepaid period if you do not select the auto-renew option. With this option, there's no need to log onto your account to cancel!

Can I purchase a one-time BlackGirlMagicBox that does not auto-renew?

Absolutely! To purchase a box that does not auto-renew, simply select the "give a gift" option at check-out. Gift subscriptions automatically expire at the end of their subscription period and do not auto-renew UNLESS you check the box that states you wish for the gift subscription to auto-renew at checkout. Otherwise, your gift subscription will expire once the subscription period is over and there is no need to cancel!

What if I need to skip a month or put my subscription on hold?

You can skip a month (or more) of your subscription by logging onto your account and clicking "skip a month", or emailing us at - Please ensure you opt to skip a month BEFORE your renewal date if you wish to skip the next box. To put your subscription on hold until further notice, please feel free to email us!

How long does it take to receive my box each month?

We ship boxes between the 25 - 29th of each cycle so that you can receive your box around the beginning of the following month to start your month off with self-care and relaxation! If located in the United States you should receive your box within 3-7 business days. All international orders may take 7 to 30+ business days for delivery, depending on your country. If you're in a hurry, check out our Magic pouch or Essentials box from our one-time shop, at The Magic shop; that ships in 3-5 days.

When is my renewal date?

If you purchased a BlackGirlMagicBox subscription, your subscription will renew on the 7th of the month in which your subscription period ends. Example: You purchased a bi-monthly subscription on June 15th - our box ships between 25-29th of June, and your next renewal will be August 7th for our August box shipping August 25-29th. Still not sure? You can always log in to your account to see your renewal date at any time.

What are your Shipping & Billing Policies?

We ship between the 25-29th every other month and offer flat-rate shipping of $8.95 per box for domestic shipping. You are charged immediately when you order, and automatically re-billed monthly on the 7th UTC of your renewal month. You can log into your account to see your renewal date at any time. Please note due to time differences, your renewal date may appear as the 6th, 7th, or 8th depending on your location. Please ensure your address is correct at check-out. BlackGirlmagicbox is not responsible for shipments lost due to incorrect addresses. If a box is returned to us due to an invalid address, a reshipping and handling fee of $8.95 will be charged to reship the package.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship to Canada and all other countries.  All international orders have an estimated 7 to 30+ business days for delivery, although BlackGirlMagicBox cannot guarantee a time frame for any processing delays that may arise through the post offices of destination countries. BlackGirlMagicBox is not responsible for any applicable governmental taxes/customs fees for international shipments that may arise.

When is the cut-off date to order this month's box?

The cut-off date to order is the 20th of each cycle, as we ship between the 25-29th of each month. For example, the cut-off date to order June boxes is June 20th. However, please note that we very often sell out before our cut-off date. If you ordered before our cut-off date for the month, but we are already sold out for the month then your order will automatically be moved to our next month's box. If we haven't sold out, we will continue to ship until supplies are exhausted. Feel free to email if your order is time-sensitive. 

What is The Magic Shoppe?

The Magic Shoppe is our one-time gift shop, and includes a few of the items from past BlackGirlMagicboxes! If you purchased items from The Magic Shoppe, then your order will ship 3-5 days after processing, and you do not have to wait until the 25-29th for shipping. Add-on items to BlackGirlmagicboxes purchased during checkout will be shipped together with your BlackGirlMagicBox on the 25th-29th. Independent purchases from The Magic Shoppe will ship 3-5 days after processing.

What if I moved and need to change my address?

You can change your address by logging onto your account, or emailing us at - The cut-off date to change your address for the month's box is before the 20th of the month in which your box ships (for example: If your box ships between October 25-29, last day to change your address is before October  20th). After successfully changing your address, you will receive a confirmation email with your address change. Please ensure that the confirmation email reflects the correct new address, and feel free to email us if you need assistance!

What if I subscribe and then cancel right away?

Once you subscribe your account is immediately charged. If you cancel right away, this will only ensure that your subscription will not renew, but you will still receive a box. If you cancel because you have changed your mind and wish to be refunded and not receive a box, you must email us immediately at and request a refund via email as refunds must be manually processed. Refunds will be provided if you email us directly requesting a refund for your order or renewal within 24 hours. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel by logging onto your account and clicking "cancel". If you need any assistance, email us at and we're happy to help!

How do I reactivate my subscription?

You can reactivate your subscription at any time by logging onto your account and clicking "reactivate", or emailing us at - Your card will automatically be charged upon reactivation of your subscription.

What is your refund policy?

We honor full refunds within 24 hours of placing your order/renewal. You must email us immediately within 24 hours of your order at and request a refund via email because we process refunds manually. After receiving an email request for the refund, it can take up to 5-10 business days for the full refund to appear back on your card

We want you to be 100% happy with your box! If you are unsatisfied with your box, we are happy to accept a return of your new full BlackGirlMagicBox in exchange for store credit/refund if you email us and ship back your box within 14 days of receiving your box. The box must be returned in its original condition and packaging (BlackGirlMagicBox must be wrapped in an outer polybag, or another box. Bare BlackGirlMagicboxes without protective packaging, or has missing contents will not be accepted for returns). Return for store credit/refund is only acceptable for brand new BlackGirlMagicBoxes in their original condition with full contents and original/appropriate packaging. We do not provide store credit for returned products that are opened, used,  returned after 14 days, damaged due to misuse, lack of care, mishandling, accident, abuse, or other abnormal use. We are not liable for products that are damaged or lost in transit back to us, therefore please ensure BlackGirlMagicBox is packaged securely when being returned. Please note: A return shipping fee of $8.95 will be deducted if you would prefer a refund for returned boxes back to your card. For store credit refunds, you will receive the full refund in the form of store credit for the amount purchased which can be used for any future purchases at our store, including The Magic Shoppe! Simply let us know your preferred method of refund when emailing us!

Can I return or exchange individual items in the box?

We accept returns / replace individual items that are damaged, missing, or defective only. Please email us at and attach required photo evidence of any damages/defects within 14 days of receipt of the box. Our team will gladly ship you any replacements for items ASAP!

What if I received a damaged item?

We will gladly send you a complimentary replacement if your product arrives damaged or defective. Please email us at and attach required photo evidence of any damages/defects within 14 days of receipt of the box. Please ensure you send us photos of 1) The outside condition of the box upon delivery 2) The damaged Item showing evident damage/leakage 3) A picture of the inside of the box you received. Our team will gladly ship you any replacements for damaged items ASAP after receiving these photos! You may be required to return the damaged goods in order for us to process the claim. We will gladly provide a shipping label if that is the case.

What if my box is lost/stolen?

All BlackGirlMagicBox orders come with tracking. BlackGirlMagicBox is not responsible for lost/stolen packages once marked as delivered by the postal carrier or inaccurate addresses entered by the buyer. All claims for lost/stolen items can be made through the postal carrier's official website using your tracking number. Please ensure there is a secure location for you to receive packages or request boxes to be held at your local post office for pick up to ensure safe delivery.

What if my account has insufficient funds when I subscribe or when I am re-billed?

If your card is declined for insufficient funds or is expired during your renewal period, BlackGirlMagicBox will automatically keep trying up to 10 times over 11 days to renew your subscription. If we are still unsuccessful after the 10th try, we will automatically move your subscription renewal to the next month and will repeat the process of renewal again. If your renewal remains unsuccessful, then your subscription may automatically expire or be canceled. Please ensure your credit card information is up to date to be successfully renewed. BlackGirlMagicBox is not responsible for any overdraft charges from banks or credit cards. 

More questions? We're always here to help! Contact us!

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